Dealing with Snail Mail

See my post from last week on e-mail below.

Many of these steps can also be applied to the paper mail that shows up at your office (and home) everyday. While you might never stop all the advertising and political messages served up regularly, you can take steps to reduce and then manage the mail you receive.

Opt out from anything you receive that has no value to you

Unsubscribe from those things you can that you don’t read and never will

Don’t renew those subscriptions you are not reading and never will

Look for web alternatives to the things you get but bring value only sometimes. Bookmark them or, if they are really valuable, subscribe for the e-version. It will be easier to search for something in your e-mail than it will be to find an article in a pile of magazines 6 months later.

Reduce the number of copies you receive. If your office gets a copy of any magazine, newspaper, industry publication, etc. for every or several employees, reduce to one if possible and let people share. Have someone mark the interesting relevant material before passing it around. Let them reside in a small company library (this might just be a box in the break room).

If you have an office in a building with other companies, perhaps there is an opportunity for a shared library and reducing costs between companies.

Keep track. If no one reads a publication for a few months and no one complains about missing it, get rid of it. No one values it.

See if your local library carries the magazine you are reading. You can stop paying and get even more benefits by visiting the library regularly.

After doing all this, read what’s left, get your value and then either distribute it to others to read or recycle it.

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John Schneyer
Boca Consultants

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