Congressman Ron Klein Hosts Small Business Symposium

I attended Congressman Ron Klein’s Small Business Symposium at Florida Atlantic University yesterday (8/21/08). Congressman Klein organized the event to help show small businesses how they can be more successful doing business with the federal government. The speakers:

  • Congressman Klein who put everything into perspective and facilitated the session
  • Stan Z. Soloway, President of the Professional Services Council
  • James T. “Tom” Gallman, Senior Area Manager for Area 2 in the South Florida District and the Florida Small Business Development Center Project Officer for the Small Business Administration
  • Elaine Mayfield, Manger of Regulatory Compliance for the Electronic Systems Business Area and the Lockheed Martin Representative

Here are some of the takeaways from the session, in no particular order:

  • There are hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts being awarded to companies in Congressman Klein’s district
  • A lot of that money is targeted to small businesses, minority owned, and veteran owned
  • You can either contract directly with the federal government or through a primary contractor such as Lockheed Martin

5 simple steps for getting started:

  1. Establish a valid, business bank account
  2. Obtain a Federal Tax ID number
  3. DUNS Numbers –
  4. Register via Central Contractor Registry –
  5. “Certs and Reps” all contractors must certify compliance with range of environmental, immigration and other laws

I will not be able to put everything that was discussed in this post. You can feel free to contact me or use some of the links and contact information I have provided.

Professional Services Council –

Congressman Ron Klein:
(202) 225-3026 (phone in Washington, DC)

(202) 225-8938 (fax in Washington, DC)
(866) 713-7303 (toll free in Broward & Palm Beach Counties, FL only)

Thank you to Congressman Ron Klein, Stan Soloway, James Gallman, Elaine Mayfield, and Florida Atlantic University for their contributions to this event.

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