A Generator That’s Safe for Indoors

Here is an example of a product that satisfies the need for a contingency plan in case of power outage and addresses one of the big concerns of generators – dangerous fumes.

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John Schneyer
Boca Consultants

by Palm Beach Post

A local company is looking to shake up people’s hurricane-preparation routines this season. That is, at least when it comes to their generators.
PowerReady International, which just opened its doors in January, is selling a battery-powered generator that it touts as noise-free, odor-free and pollution-free.

But one of its boldest assertions, especially in this market, is that it’s safe to use inside the home.

South Florida residents, used to warnings about generators’ toxic carbon monoxide fumes, have spent the years since the 2004 storm season learning to keep their backup generators far from the house.
But PowerReady’s generator runs on a battery instead of gasoline; the company keeps one of the generators running for demonstrations inside its office.

The emission-free battery of the PowerReady Indoor Power System 12,000 provides, as the name implies, 12,000 watts of power – 3,000 of which can be used at any one time – and is connected to an uninterrupted power supply system that allows the generator to start automatically if the power goes out.

With conservative use, the generator can be used for about four days before needing to be recharged, said Bill Dato, PowerReady’s general manager. “When we demo the product, people look at it and think it’s magic,” Dato said. “It’s the only power system that’s portable and requires no permits. Once you receive delivery, you can plug it in and it’s ready to go.”

The generator costs about $9,000, with added shipping costs for people outside of Broward and Palm Beach counties. However, Dato said the PowerReady IPS doesn’t have the expense of gasoline, nor does it need permits to be installed, as it can be kept in any room in the house.

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