Customer Service Update

Yesterday was a big test for customer service  in Lillian’s world.  Here’s how it went:

Garage door opener – Sears installer arrived, did the install, explained everything well.  Lillian was very pleased.  Thumbs up!

Windshield replacement – Installer arrived and did a great job.  Lillian was very pleased until she realized she had forgotten to take her beach decal off the windshield so she could get a replacement.  Not an issue for the installer though.  Thumbs up!

Comcast for Lillian’s mom – Comcast EMPLOYEE arrived, apartment representative was there with the key for the roof closet, install went ok.  Comcast did not explain well how to use the service and the package Lillian’s mom wanted would not be available for some reason until after midnight.  Lillian received calls from mom looking for help.  Based on the entire experience with Comcast leading up to this, this is a thumbs down.

Are you having customer service issues in your business?

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John Schneyer – Boca Consultants

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