John is an unbelievable resource to many

“I have had the honor and privilege of working with John in several capacities. This has allowed me to see his impeccable organizational and leadership skills as well as his quality personal characteristics. John is extremely detail focused and able to work within an organization’s structure while teaching or managing others to do the same. He is able to support upper management/leadership with unending follow through to the completion of goals or expectations set. He is able to stand solid to the integrity of the company even in the face of controversy. He shows his caring for his employees and customers and yet maintains his leadership stance. He has developed a very strong and effective ability to train and teach others. On the personal side, John is a very honest and brilliant man. He is a good friend and a loyal, loving father. He is dependable and genuine. He is steadfast. He . I would recommend John without hesitation.” October 9, 2007

Kristen Bomas , Owner , The Center for Progressive Healing, LLC
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

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