John is very detail-oriented, and a great process thinker

“I worked closely with John for many years at BASF Corporation. Since both of our jobs were quality-related, we had the opportunity to work on my projects together. John is very detail-oriented, and a great process thinker. He often volunteered to be part of Corporate initiatives, and was always a great asset to any of our teams. After John left BASF, he entered the real estate profession. Knowing his strengths in objective thinking, computer skills, and diagnosing needs, I picked him as my Realtor when I needed to buy and sell my current and prior homes. I was very pleased with his professionalism, responsiveness, and process thinking skills, which are traits that are obviously very transferrable to other undertakings. I would always recommend John highly, and look forward to the chance that we might work together again in the future.” October 15, 2007

Wendy Finnerty , Quality Director , BASF Corporation
worked with John at BASF

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