I learned a lot from John

“John and I worked together on specific business improvement projects during the formation of BASF IT Services as a separate subsidiary company within the BASF group. Our projects were based in Ludwigshafen, Germany and required us to work with representatives from across Europe. John demonstrated his consulting skills by defining and contracting the project scope and resources with the project sponsor, structuring the project and selecting appropriate methodologies to define and resolve business issues. John and I worked together using interviewing and workshop techniques with key people within the organisation to define the issues and develop relevant solutions. An example of such a methodology was the exploitation of an appropriate analogy as a creative mechanism to provoke new thinking about a problem. During one project, in which we defined the business processes for the introduction of new services, John suggested the use of the ‘restaurant’ as an analogy which proved to be an excellent mechanism. The participants were able to think ‘big picture’ and outside of the constraints of their departmental role. John’s experience in providing IT services for BASF in the US also helped in a practical sense to steer the thinking towards solutions that worked in the commercial world. I enjoyed working with John and learned a lot from his style, approach and sense of humour.” October 11, 2007

Andrew Poole , Business Consultant , BASF IT Services
worked directly with John at BASF

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