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Powerful networking people person

“John is a “people person” and a valuable resource. I recommend his services for thoroughness and insight. He is also a powerful networker and can bring value to any relationship he establishes.” August 16, 2008

David Demyan , Owner Franchisee , Express Employment Professionals
was with another company when working with John at Boca Consultants

John is the “go-to” person

“John is very detailed and asks the right questions to help solve issues facing businesses of all sizes. He also is the “go-to” person for any type of product or service one could want and has an extensive referral network. His background and technical expertise make him the ideal consultant for new start-up businesses as well as those businesses looking to grow.” June 16, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Lisa Elkan
hired John as a Business Consultant in 2008 , and hired John more than once

John is the best networker I’ve ever met

“John is the best networker I’ve ever met. He uses this talent to build relationships with and around his clients to insure they are well taken care of and totally satisfied with his services. I have seen him function as a VP for a business group and he is systematic, determined to be successful and well received by a wide range of people. You can trust John to over deliver on his committments.” July 22, 2008

Cecil M. Dye , Business Broker , Sunbelt Network
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

John is an unbelievable resource to many

“I have had the honor and privilege of working with John in several capacities. This has allowed me to see his impeccable organizational and leadership skills as well as his quality personal characteristics. John is extremely detail focused and able to work within an organization’s structure while teaching or managing others to do the same. He is able to support upper management/leadership with unending follow through to the completion of goals or expectations set. He is able to stand solid to the integrity of the company even in the face of controversy. He shows his caring for his employees and customers and yet maintains his leadership stance. He has developed a very strong and effective ability to train and teach others. On the personal side, John is a very honest and brilliant man. He is a good friend and a loyal, loving father. He is dependable and genuine. He is steadfast. He . I would recommend John without hesitation.” October 9, 2007

Kristen Bomas , Owner , The Center for Progressive Healing, LLC
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

I would highly recommend John

“ as he has the knowledge, critical thinking, and integrity to guide his clients in making informed decisions. These decisions may revolve around the best water system to purchase based on the wants and needs, or in a business consulting role to delve into problem solving methodologies.” October 8, 2007

Lisa Elkan , AVP/Sales Manager, Palm Beach County , Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

Customer focused and honest, ethical, and reliable

“John is a detail oriented leader who’s experience in managing the efficiencies in an organization shine through in all his work. He is customer focused and honest, ethical, and reliable.” October 8, 2007

Dominick Paonessa , Associate Vice President, Investments , Raymond James
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

Dedicated, enthusiastic and detail oriented

“I have known John for just over a year now. I have found him to be . Well spoken and articulate, he is able to reach his audience with his passion and energy. It has been a joy working with him on a variety of projects. When he assumes responsibility for any task, I know the job will be completed efficiently, promptly and accurately.” October 8, 2007

Jim Gavrilos , Director of Development , The Haven
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

John is a natural and strong leader

“As president of Water Champs and a dedicated member of the Boca Chamber of Commerce, John has demonstrated a genuine ability to put the interests of others before his. He has consistently made insightful and usable recommendations, or went out of his way to make the right connections necessary to get things accomplished. John has an innate ability to focus on not just the root of the problem, but also demonstrates enthusiasm to solve the issue so that all people can benefit. With such outstanding qualities, I sincerely believe John is a natural and strong leader that can succeed within many work environments.” October 7, 2007

Lee Hall , Financial and business consultant , Private Fund
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

Expertise in introducing Business Partners

“I have worked with John on several different projects in various areas of business. He started off as a client of mine where we implemented ACT! Customer Relationship Management software into his business and his thorough understanding of the Business process helped me utilize some of his same techniques for other clients of mine to increase their bottom line as well, which helped me grow as a consultant. After that, I have sought John’s advice on many occasions to successfully help me grow my consulting practice. He has advised me in areas of Best Business Practice, Client Development and Marketing Strategies. (among others). John is very dedicated to Chamber of Commerce functions, serving as an Ambassador. BNI functions, serving in various positions and on different committees. And has an uncanny expertise in introducing Business Partners to each other to make both more successful. He is also very active in Not For Profit activities for various organizations helping them with different fundraisers and activities. I joke with him that he is able bend time and space to be able to squeeze extra hours out of the day to fit everything in and see it through to it’s fruition. John is an exemplary, detail-oriented individual and has become a trusted advisor to me and many other businesses in our area.” October 7, 2007

Danielle Major , Owner , KI Consultants, Inc.
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

Excellent business person

“I find John Schneyer to be an excellent business person deep with integrity, sincerity and honesty. My business and personal dealings with him have proven him to be extremely knowledgeable, educated, and able to explain his thoughts in a manner we can all understand. If I had to choose someone to run a business, manage a sales force, or be my top producer, there are few people I would consider above John.” October 7, 2007

Warren Brown , Financial Services Manager , Newman Insurance
was with another company when working with John at Water Champs, Inc.

John is very detail-oriented, and a great process thinker

“I worked closely with John for many years at BASF Corporation. Since both of our jobs were quality-related, we had the opportunity to work on my projects together. John is very detail-oriented, and a great process thinker. He often volunteered to be part of Corporate initiatives, and was always a great asset to any of our teams. After John left BASF, he entered the real estate profession. Knowing his strengths in objective thinking, computer skills, and diagnosing needs, I picked him as my Realtor when I needed to buy and sell my current and prior homes. I was very pleased with his professionalism, responsiveness, and process thinking skills, which are traits that are obviously very transferrable to other undertakings. I would always recommend John highly, and look forward to the chance that we might work together again in the future.” October 15, 2007

Wendy Finnerty , Quality Director , BASF Corporation
worked with John at BASF

I learned a lot from John

“John and I worked together on specific business improvement projects during the formation of BASF IT Services as a separate subsidiary company within the BASF group. Our projects were based in Ludwigshafen, Germany and required us to work with representatives from across Europe. John demonstrated his consulting skills by defining and contracting the project scope and resources with the project sponsor, structuring the project and selecting appropriate methodologies to define and resolve business issues. John and I worked together using interviewing and workshop techniques with key people within the organisation to define the issues and develop relevant solutions. An example of such a methodology was the exploitation of an appropriate analogy as a creative mechanism to provoke new thinking about a problem. During one project, in which we defined the business processes for the introduction of new services, John suggested the use of the ‘restaurant’ as an analogy which proved to be an excellent mechanism. The participants were able to think ‘big picture’ and outside of the constraints of their departmental role. John’s experience in providing IT services for BASF in the US also helped in a practical sense to steer the thinking towards solutions that worked in the commercial world. I enjoyed working with John and learned a lot from his style, approach and sense of humour.” October 11, 2007

Andrew Poole , Business Consultant , BASF IT Services
worked directly with John at BASF

John lives and breathes quality

“John is a high energy and personable manager. He was able to quickly learn new concepts and apply them to solve quality issues like change management. He lives and breathes quality and has very good presentation skills. While working with him on a number of different projects he demonstrated he is a team player with very good management skills.” October 8, 2007

Mark Skaleski , Corp. Standards and Software License Admin. , BASF Corporation
worked directly with John at BASF

Strong Change Proponent

“When John was at BASF as the IT Quality Manager, he was an effective trainer in the methods of quality control, and a strong proponent of changes to an existing organizational methodology that would bring about cost savings for the company.” October 8, 2007

Kevin Mulrine , Systems Analyst , BASF
worked with John at BASF

John is a leader

“I have had the opportunity to work with John at BASF and also as a coach for my own company. He is professional, and instrumental in making a difference. John focuses on the organization’ s goals and provides insight, while using his skills and experience to achieve them. He is a leader and incorporates the organization’s goals and vision in his message. John is hard working, fosters a positive attitude and is willing to do what ever it takes for the company. I highly recommend him, his skills, and experience and the knowledge he brings to your environment. Kind Regards, Vivian Fleitstra Vice-President Neighborhood Computer People Inc Maryland.” October 7, 2007

Vivian Fleitstra , Consultant , Neighborhood Computer People, Inc
worked with John at BASF

Detail-oriented problem solver

“John is a very detail-oriented problem solver. Very easy to work with. High level of integrity and process-driven. Excellent communicator with much experience in problem solving and quality management.” October 7, 2007

Erika Pasarela , Project manager , BASF
worked with John at BASF